The Yuen Method (UK)

The Training Centre on the River Wye

The Training Centre on the River Wye

Please note: apologies – Christine is taking a break from teaching in 2021.

Christine Nobel has taught Yuen Method Workshops at Levels 1, 2 & 3.

This is a powerful, in depth Workshop that can greatly accelerate healing skills. It provides a considerable body of fascinating research and practise methods essential to the advancement of current day healing.

Although packed with information, most students are able to grasp the concepts comfortably and most can practise The Yuen Method effectively by the end of the Workshop.

Christine has given Yuen Method Workshops in Britain and around Europe. Her main Training Centre is in the historic county town of Hereford on the English/Welsh borders, 50 miles from Birmingham Airport.

Christine is a great teacher and doing great work. I loved the openness of her class and how it just flowed. Christine is intuitive, patient and warm, I look forward to returning to the UK to do Level 2 and Level 3 Yuen Method with her.
Chris, Ireland

Dr Yuen

Dr Yuen

How The Yuen Method Works

The Yuen Method combines ancient Shaolin Temple energy with knowledge of anatomy, physiology, structural analysis, energetic techniques, quantum physics, quantum healing and qi and shen gong training.

The Yuen Method was created by legendary Shaolin Grand Master Dr Kam Yuen as a result of his lifelong study and expertise with the martial arts, nutritional therapy, homeopathy, chiropractic and structural engineering.

The body is like a computer and the Yuen Method is your Manual. You are either “on” of “off”, or, more specifically, “strong” or “weak” to any given subject matter, person or scenario in life.

The Yuen Method shows you how to identify weaknesses precisely and how to strengthen yourself (and others) accordingly, all without any physical contact.

Strengthening a weakness is instantaneous, like flicking a switch. The Yuen Method provides a systematic process to enable you to use the insight you already have to locate weaknesses, to strengthen yourself against these and to delete them from your system.

Yuen Method (UK) Level 1 – A Two Day Weekend Workshop

“Christine has a brilliant way of explaining the steps and flow of the process. She easily brings everyone to a level of confidence and skill. She is a wonderful Ambassador for the Yuen Method.”
Kari Antonsen, Proprietor of the Praxis Holistic Centre, Berlin.

The Level 1 Workshop takes students step by step through the essential process of The Yuen Method

Students are taught:

  1.  To feel physical, mental, emotional, psychological, spiritual and psychic weaknesses.
  2.  To strengthen against these weaknesses and to delete their accumulated negative effect.
  3. To locate and strengthen weaknesses in anything: – life choices, the home, a business, finances, relationships, animals etc.
  4. Quantum healing; healing the infinitely large and the infinitely small, with ease.

Christine Nobel demonstrates the Yuen Method step-by-step throughout the Workshop. Her approach is calm, flowing and flexible.

“Dear Christine, thank you for a great weekend. You were splendid in teaching. Very clear. You kept my attention constantly and very few are able to do that! And what a marvellous way to end the weekend, walking away with my stick under my arm, not leaning on it any more. When I came home my daughter could not believe her eyes! I learned so much from you and had quite a few good laughs as well. Thank you so much.”    Katja S, Holland.

“It was a wonderful two days training. Well worth the money and the travel. Christine is a very good teacher – logical, patient and kind. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in energy healing.”  Aine, Acupuncturist, Ireland

“Thank you for a great course. I learnt a lot. I look forward to doing Levels 2 & 3 and to learning more.” John, Chiropractor, Lancashire

Learning Yuen Method Via Tele-Seminar

Attending a Workshop is the best way of learning the Yuen Method with Christine Nobel. However, it may be possible for an individual or a group to learn the Yuen Method with Christine by tele-seminar or skype. Anyone interested in this should email Christine for further information.

My first great blessing was learning the Yuen Method. My second great blessing was being taught by Christine Nobel.
Ade, Chiropractor, Sussex

Yuen Method (UK) Levels 2 & 3

Level 2 & 3 Workshops are taught according to student demand.  Students must first take Level 1 with Christine before they can take Levels 2 & 3.

“Many thanks for 3 fabulous days of  Level 2 & 3 training. It was so enjoyable and engaging. It was great learning from other students and from you Christine.  I feel so much more confident in my practice and – in myself. I feel as light as a feather! ” Alice, England

Certificates of Attendance will be given out to students at the end of each Workshop. Taking Levels 1, 2 or 3 with Christine will count as the first 3 Modules of the work a student must cover to become a Certified Practitioner of the Yuen Method. For further information on full Certification please see the Certification section on

The On-Going Learning Programme

Any student who has taken a Level 1 /Module 1 with Christine Nobel, Dr Yuen or another Yuen Method Instructor, is eligible to subscribe to Christine Nobel’s On-Going Learning Programme. This Programme gives students the on-going opportunity to ask Christine questions and get quick answers as they progress with their Yuen Method practise.

Christine answers all questions on a hidden page on this website, accessible via passcode to subscribing Members. All questions from Members and all of Christine’s answers – past and recent – are published on the On-Going Learning page for Members to read and learn from.

Further Information, Fees, Booking & Payment

Click here for further information on Workshops , Tele-Seminars, The On-Going Learning Programme, fees and how to book and pay.

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