Telephone Healing Consultations


A Telephone Healing Consultation lasts for 45 minutes (30 minutes for an animal.) Appointment times are daytime hours Monday to Friday. Appointments are occasionally possible early on weekday evenings.

Christine giving a telephone consultation.

Christine giving a telephone consultation.

New Clients can email Christine via the Contacts page

New clients can email Christine via the Contacts page and give details of the problem/s with which they need help. Christine will reply to each email in person and in confidence.


Client names and contact details will not be passed to any third party. All Consultations are totally confidential.

Prices & Payment

Clients can pay by UK bank cheque, online bank transfer or by credit/debit card. Payment should be made prior to the Consultation please.

After the first Consultation it may be possible for clients to book a series of 3 appointments, if they wish, and receive a 10% discount.

Please complete the booking form and payment procedure options will be outlined further in the reply email.

Telephone Healing Consultations For People

A 45 minute Telephone Consultation to a landline costs:  £65

Telephone Healing Consultations For Animals

A 30 minute Telephone Consultation to the landline of the owner of an animal costs:  £50

It is possible for Christine to telephone a fixed landline in most countries incurring no call charge to the client. Where there is no fixed landline it may be possible for Christine to call a mobile phone. In some countries this may incur an extra charge to the client. In such a case the call charge will be calculated, quoted to the client and added on to the Consultation fee payable prior to the appointment.

Horse / Animal Healing On Site

Christine can visit horses or other animals personally in Herefordshire and the surrounding counties and may occasionally travel further afield.

Healing charges: £60 per hour whilst working on a horse/horses in their yard or on an animal in their home.

Travel charges: the first 30 minutes of return car travel is free. Thereafter there is a charge of £12.50 for each hour spent travelling in the car to and from the visit.

Alternatively horses or other animals can be given healing via telephone to the owner.