Christine Nobel

B.A. (Hons), MNFSH, MIACE, Dip Equine Care & Psychology (Lingfield)
Certified Master Instructor of The Yuen Method of Chinese Energetics

Christine Nobel is a UK Registered Healer, a Member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers and a Member of the international Institute for Animal Care Education.

Christine has an Honours Degree in Literature and Philosophy and a Diploma in Equine Care & Psychology.

She has trained since the year 2000 with two outstanding Chinese Masters of Energetics:  Qi Gong and Qi Calligraphy Master Zhixing Wang of Beijing & London, and Shaolin Grand Master Dr Kam Yuen of Hong Kong & Los Angeles.

She was trained by Dr Yuen personally over a number of years and qualified as a Certified Master Instructor of The Yuen Method in 2010.  Christine was the first British-based person to be authorised by Dr Yuen to teach his Method. She has given Yuen Method Workshops across Europe.

Christine is also grateful for the teaching of Baron Jonathan Sacks, (her University Philosophy Professor), to Daoist Master Zhou of the White Cloud Temple of Beijing (for training in Qi Gong and Qi Calligraphy), to Brenda Flynn, David Sampson and Margrit Coates of The Healing Trust for training in healing and to Paula Clements and Hannah Haskew of Lingfield College for training in Equine Care & Psychology.

Christine lives in central England with her family. In addition to giving telephone Healing Consultations, Christine teaches Workshops, gives qi gong classes and practises “qi painting” – a form of moving meditation where energy paints itself down on to the page.

Christine Nobel

Christine Nobel


"Boom !" by Christine Nobel

“Boom !” by Christine Nobel.