Intuitive Healing with Christine Nobel

Do you have a health issue or a life problem that you cannot resolve?

A Healing Consultation might help you.

Christine Nobel, MNFSH, MIACE, Master Instructor of The Yuen Method

Intuitive Healing Worldwide – by telephone


The Founder of Intuitive Healing Worldwide is British based Christine Nobel B.A., MNFSH, MIACE. Christine is a fully trained member of the British Healing Trust, founder and master instructor of the Nobel Method of Intuitive Healing and taught as master instructor of the Yuen Method of Chinese Energetics for many years.

She is also an experienced animal healer. She has a Diploma in Equine Care & Psychology and is a member of the Institute for Animal Care Education.

“My dear Friends,

I regret that during this coronavirus outbreak I am unable to offer healing consultations over the telephone. When I am able to begin my work again I will announce it on this page.

I send you distant healing as you connect with me now and would I encourage you to try to maintain a state of calm hopefulness during these challenging times.

If you can keep your energy strong and even, and remain optimistic and without fear, then you will best protect yourself from harm. Negative energy feeds off  fear and anxiety and has little interest in settled calm.

I send you much love and hope to be able to connect with you again before too long.”

Christine Nobel


Christine Nobel is a highly qualified and experienced Healer. Trained over many years by Chinese Grand Masters and other outstanding teachers, she is a Member of the British Federation of Spiritual Healers and has taught as a Master Instructor of The Yuen Method of Chinese Energetics.

Christine ‘tunes in’ to peoples’ energy to locate deep-seated problems. She can strengthen body, mind and spirit and help delete negative effects from their systems. Intuitive healing can be given from any distance.

Over the telephone Christine treats people with various physical and emotional problems – and animals too (via their owners).

Healing can help a business, a home, a relationship and much more

  • It is a natural process involving neither religion nor mystique.
  • Healers draw on Universal Energy. It is a simple, time-honoured, non-invasive process.
  • You can receive healing treatment from Christine Nobel almost anywhere in the world, in the comfort of your own home and at affordable cost. Christine speaks very clear “BBC” English.
  • Confidentiality is guaranteed.