Intuitive Healing with Christine Nobel

Do you have a health issue or a life problem that you cannot resolve?

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Christine Nobel, MNFSH, MIACE, Master Instructor of The Yuen Method

Intuitive Healing Worldwide – by telephone


The Founder of Intuitive Healing Worldwide is British based Christine Nobel B.A., MNSFH, MIACE. Christine is founder and master instructor of the Nobel Method of Intuitive Healing and taught as master instructor of the Yuen Method of Chinese Energetics for many years.

My dear Friends,

I regret that during this coronavirus outbreak I am unable to offer healing consultations over the telephone. If you would like to enhance your own health and healing during this difficult time then the following points may interest you.

1. Many healers around the world are meditating and sending out healing between the hours of 11pm and midnight Greenwich mean time each night. I am. It may help you to tune in and meditate at this time to enhance your own health and resonate with the healing of the world and all of its inhabitants.

To “tune in” to this group healing you need think only for a moment of the “world  healing” logo which is at the top of this page and then open your mind to the group and be willing to enter a mild meditative state ready to receive a healing transmission. Open energetically, lightly and without effort, and the transmission from the group healing will find you.    

In addition, each night I will send out healing vibrations to anyone who has ever made contact with my website at any time in the past or present, sending healing energy to match each individual’s need. This sounds like a big claim. It isn’t. It involves very little effort on my part, only the will and intention to do it. The healing energy does the travelling and finds the need.

2. Try to find a place of centred inner calm. It is the very best thing you can do for your health. Years of healing practise have shown me that illness and disease are very much attracted to fear, struggle and chaos and much less attracted to calm, centred, accepting optimism. We need to know “The News” but then we need to detach from it, get on with our “new normal day” and find peace in it. 

3. Keep the body fit with qi gong, tai chi or yoga, the mind calm with meditation, put structure, creativity and goals in your day and practise kindness and patience as much as you can. Dig deep and you will experience the rewards.

The universe requires us to change and we are up to the task. It is time to draw on the inner reserves we didn’t know we had and to be the people we didn’t know we could be. 

I will do my best to send you love, strength, healing and inner peace to help you on your way.

Christine Nobel  29/03/2020


Christine Nobel is a highly qualified and experienced Healer. Trained over many years by Chinese Grand Masters and other outstanding teachers, she is a Member of the British Federation of Spiritual Healers and has taught as a Master Instructor of The Yuen Method of Chinese Energetics.

Christine ‘tunes in’ to peoples’ energy to locate deep-seated problems. She can strengthen body, mind and spirit and help delete negative effects from their systems. Intuitive healing can be given from any distance.

Over the telephone Christine treats people with various physical and emotional problems – and animals too (via their owners).

Healing can help a business, a home, a relationship and much more

  • It is a natural process involving neither religion nor mystique.
  • Healers draw on Universal Energy. It is a simple, time-honoured, non-invasive process.
  • You can receive healing treatment from Christine Nobel almost anywhere in the world, in the comfort of your own home and at affordable cost. Christine speaks very clear “BBC” English.
  • Confidentiality is guaranteed.