Intuitive Healing

Intuitive Healing – A Healing Partnership

The intuitive healer can “tune in” to the energy of a person to find out what is really troubling them. The healer “intuits” the information she needs. This information is made available to the healer subconsciously and willingly by the person who wants to be healed. It is a consenting, healing, partnership.

Intuitive Healing strengthens the person’s body, mind and spirit and can delete the negative effects of their problems from their system.

Christine works with The Yuen Method and her own Nobel Method of Intuitive Healing in her practise. For further information please see the Training section. Christine’s approach is natural, non-invasive, fast and effective.

Intuitive Healing For Health Problems

It is important for anyone concerned about their health to consult a Doctor. However, healing and traditional medicine can complement each other very well.

Some people seek intuitive healing to speed recovery. Others seek help for persistent chronic conditions, or for problems that are not responding well to other types of treatment. Most clients experience valuable improvements in health and well-being after receiving healing.

I don’t know how she does it but the terrible pains I get in my neck and shoulders just disappear. I recommend Christine to everyone now.
Tony, Spain

Stress and Emotional Problems Can Often be Helped

I went to see Christine before undergoing surgery for breast cancer. I felt really hysterical but her treatment left me calmer and much better able to cope. The hospital staff said they didn’t recognise me as the same person!

I then saw her regularly throughout my 6 months of hospital treatment. Whenever I felt panicky or depressed her intuitive healing would pick me up and carry me relatively calmly through the next ordeal. I don’t know how I would have coped without it.
Nicky D. Tenerife

Many Aspects of Life Can Helped By Telephone Healing

Healing Consultations by telephone are not just for health problems. A telephone Consultation can help the energy in a business, home, relationship, career or any aspect of life which feels blocked or stagnant. It is better to address issues before they begin adversely to affect health.

Redundant, habit-forming thoughts, feelings or memories can be cleared away, freeing up space and light for a clearer and much more comfortable life.

” I was so impressed by the speed and accuracy of your telephone treatment. It is amazing. In just 45 minutes I felt like a different person, more confident and direct, with my mind not getting in the way as usual. Also, after months of trouble,my wrist injury has healed so quickly. I recommend you to my patients now and will attend one of your Workshops. Thank you so very much.”     Mayer, Osteopath   

Animal Healing

Christine Nobel is an experienced Animal Healer and specialises in Horse Healing. Telephone healing can work very well with animals. They can be given healing over the telephone via their owners.

Please see Animal/Horse Healing for further information.

A grateful telephone client in Slovakia

A grateful telephone client in Slovakia

Our dog had really bad digestive problems. After just one telephone session with Christine the results have been spectacular. The dog is better, stronger and much happier !”

Lucia, Slovakia

Closer to Physics than Religion

The Intuitive Healing approach is relaxed, open and without ceremony or mystique. It requires no religious belief on the part of healer or client. It is in some ways closer to physics insofar as it challenges the existing boundaries of energetic possibilities within our Universe.

Telephone Healing Consultations

Christine treats clients over the telephone and can make telephone contact with most countries.