More Testimonials From Clients…

About healing/teaching  people


Christine’s intuition and insight and astonishing and the ability to work with depth powerful. I feel hopeful and more profoundly at peace than I’ve felt in a long time.

Michael, London


I called Christine because of a serious neck and shoulder pain I have had 24/7 for the last 8 years. I had tried countless methods and therapies but nothing helped. During the telephone Consultation with Christine I immediately felt relief and the pain diminished drastically.

Michel, Belgium

Christine treated me for a pain I had in my solar plexus. She said the weakness was in my right foot! She made changes in the foot and my chest opened and the pain in my solar plexus drained away completely.

Manolo, Gran Canaria

I received treatment from Christine before undergoing surgery for breast cancer. I felt completely hysterical but her treatment left me much calmer and much better able to cope.

The hospital staff said I didn’t seem like the same person! I continued to receive treatment from Christine throughout my 6 months of hospital treatment. Whenever I felt panicky or depressed her treatments would pick me up and carry me through the next ordeal with relative calm.

Nicky D, Tenerife

As an alternative health student I have studied Reiki, Bodytalk, Quantum Touch and numerous other healing modalities but I was still plagued with lifelong eczema and asthma. I came across Christine’s Yuen Method email address online and decided to have a telephone session with her. The results were unbelievable. I was healed of my lifelong ailments.

I then flew over from Ireland to attend her Yuen Method Workshop in the UK. The course was great and information was outstanding and life-changing. Christine teaches with such integrity, clarity, wisdom, humour and in a relaxed manner that puts you at ease straightaway. Her love of teaching shines through and she imparts knowledge with ease. The cutting edge technique of the Yuen Method is second to none and I cannot encourage people enough to learn this Method from Christine.

Chris, Ireland

I found Christine’s details on the internet and within 2 minutes of speaking to her on the telephone I felt different. My family and I have had a number of telephone sessions with her now with regard to various issues from back pain, to animal health and even selling a property. I have recommended her to friends and family members. We are very grateful to have her telephone number and thank her very much for her wonderful work.

Jim, Slovakia

I had a pain in my right shoulder for months which prevented me from raising my arm. In just a few minutes Christine was able to remove the pain almost completely. The remainder of the pain dwindled away over the next weeks.

Maria, Gran Canaria

I had a very painful attack of iritis in my eye and could only sit in a darkened room. Christine worked on my eye for about 45 minutes after which the pain disappeared completely. I opened the curtains and the light was OK. I was able to carry on with my day as normal and the pain did not return.

Paul, Tenerife

I woke one day with a terrible pain in my jaw. I couldn’t get a dental appointment until the next day. Christine treated me for about 5 minutes and I felt considerably better and was able to go through my work all day. The next day the dentist found an abscess under my tooth.

Dorin, Tenerife

Christine treated me by telephone for a herniated disc and severe pain in my heal. In just 2 telephone sessions she reduced my pain considerably until it hardly bothered me at all.

Christine, Tenerife

My first great blessing was learning the Yuen Method. My second great blessing was being taught by Christine Nobel”

Ade, Sussex

I can’t believe it ! After years of debilitating colitis pain, with just one session with you over the telephone it has practically gone! I am so grateful and so happy.

Pedro, Portugal, 2019




About healing animals


I have been a professional horseman for over 40 years – all of my working life. I practice Natural Horsemanship and have worked as  a professional horse trainer, rider, teacher and carriage driver in Britain, the USA, Canada, Europe and many other countries in the world. I am also the Proprietor of a Horse Rescue Centre in Britain which has rescued and re-homed over 1,000 abandoned or abused horses.

Christine Nobel is the only person that I have ever met who can communicate with horses in the same way that I do. She can give me information about a rescued horse’s traumatic experiences which she could not possibly have known about and which – later on – I have found out to be precise and exact. This information could only have come to her direct from the horse.

In minutes she can calm down a petrified horse where otherwise it would take me days. We can work on a traumatised horse together and end up with a totally different animal. Christine is a remarkable horse psychologist and healer who can hear what the horse has to say and help him get over his trauma.

She is the only person that I would ask to do this kind of work on my rescued horses and the only person I have ever met who can get the kind of results that she does.

Roy Moore, The Proprietor of K C Horse Rescue Centre, Herefordshire


Christine recently worked on my mother’s dog. He had been suffering serious stomach and incontinence problems that the Vet could not resolve. My mother speaks no English at all so the session was held over the phone on loud speaker with me translating.

After just one telephone session the results have been spectacular. We are overjoyed and astonished at how such an overnight transformation can be possible. The dog is much stronger, more communicative and does his daily “ routine business” like clockwork. In fact, he seems to have a permanent grin these days as if he knows something we don’t ! Thank you Christine for your ever-present kindness and wonderful skills.

Lucia, Slovakia

I first met Christine at a Horse Rescue Centre and watched her work with several horses. I found the whole process fascinating. The work she did made a real difference to the horses and their various pains and problems and they continue to be well and happy.

I have seen her work with more horses since then and have had her treatment myself as have members of my circles of friends and family. I don’t pretend to understand how it works but without doubt it can and does. She makes a difference.

Kay Walton, Area Commissioner for the British Driving Society

After a year of following advice and medications from 4 different Vets my cat was just getting worse. His fungal skin infection was spreading and half of his body was bald.

After a single phone session with Christine I began to see improvements within days. It is now 3 months later and my cat is full of energy, eating well and his skin infection is 99% better. I think in one month he will be 100%. A very big thank you to Christine from a very grateful cat owner.

Louise, Tenerife

My poor pony had been written off by Vets who said there were too many complicated issues going on. He had gone from being a happy pony to being depressed and always in pain. Christine has helped him more than words can say. He was wary of Vets and Physios but he trusts Christine. After her treatment he is happy again, no longer in pain and no longer depressed.

I am so pleased that I have met Christine and that my horses are as well and happy as they are.

Julie, Herefordshire, England

I have always been interested in complementary therapies for my horses, in conjunction with the regular veterinary treatments. When I encountered sacroiliac problems with my driving horse, a 10 year old Welsh cob, I was very glad that I could call upon Christine to treat him with healing.

The effect she has on my horse is amazing. The moment he hears her voice he goes into a deep sleep, so much so that it looks like he has been sedated by the Vet. After a few treatments I had a completely different horse, a lot happier and probably in a lot less pain.

Katja Jones, Secretary of Hereford & District Driving Group

Words cannot give any idea about our gratitude for your call those months ago to help our very sick cat. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Months later he is still alive and enjoying life. You are amazing. I pray that you yourself will receive such brilliant support too, if ever you need it.

Diana, London 2019

I am so impressed with what you did for my horse today. His eyes are much more open now and he seems much more alert. I would love to learn more from you.

Kay, Herefordshire, 2019